Thursday, 12 November 2015

INVENTIONS!! One dark and dusty day Bob woke up in stress remembering the bills he had to pay and his job was starting to disappear. At work,he just couldn't come up with an idea. In the afternoon he decided to take a relaxing bath. While he was relaxing, ‘Oh I got it’ said Bob. He came up with the 2 most brilliant ideas because the first one well that's a whole new story. “ I’ll make a krabby house,” Bob said. In my opinion it wasn't the best name. Well out of the bath and to the laboratory, he went. Bob worked all night and all day for two whole weeks. Nothing could stop him. When the time came and he was completely finished he was asked by a talent scout to star in ‘Scientists Got Talent’ and guess what, of course he said, “Yes.” The next morning he woke up and dressed in his long, white smart looking coat and headed off to the studio with the Krabby house. When he he arrived 20 minutes to spare so he polished all the bolts and shone all the metal top to bottom so it shone so brightly it was hard to look without blinding you. Then he added as many details as possible and next the inspectors came. ‘Hello my name is Bob,’ said BOB ‘Hello our names are Minney and Mickey and this is our crew’. Bob was so excited when he brought out the Krabby House to show them well that's when things went wrong… as soon as it came out the talent scouts were desperate to go in. And as soon as they went in BAM ! ! ! DOORS LOCKED ON THEM ‘What's going on?’ said Minny and the crew started banging on the walls. Bob tried and tried to get them out. But well he couldn't and that's as far as i’m going to tell you. THE END . . .

Thursday, 20 August 2015

Design process

Technological design


1. Get a friend you will need him or her to hold the balloon. About 9 metres, start to blow up the balloon. When blown up. twist the end.  2. This is  your friend will come in handy. Thread the string through the straw then tie                               

Friday, 15 May 2015

Cross section of our underground soldi

WALT to use important information to make sure you understand 😊👭

Thursday, 7 May 2015

WALT: paint a self portrait in the style of henri matisse

Thursday, 12 March 2015