Tuesday, 24 May 2016

W.A.L.T : use all basic punctuation independently and attempt more complex punctuation (eg b semicolons, colons, parentheses) (Year 7/8)

Another beautiful day in Auckland “Are you kidding come on we can start this story in much worse way “ Hmm one wet rainy horrifying morning a girl named Jessica woke up terrified she had dreamed of the movie they watched last night, what was it called oh THE EXORCIST used to be one of the top horror movies well time she put that aside.

Moving on Jessica started off with her usual morning routine Netflix and chill brush teeth Netflix and chill have breakfast wait brush teeth before breakfast um oh well “ah” what's wrong Jessica “my blanket it’s gone i can't find it oh here it is I've had this blanket for about twelve and a half years almost my whole life and i’m thirteen it's so cold “ you have three blankets on you anyway let's start this story “I thought we have one wet rainy horrifying morning “ no we're just gonna carry on” fine.

Then Jessica's mum barges in “Honey I have to tell you something “ said her mum “what” said Jessica “were going on vacation were staying in Vietnam” omg omg omg says Jessica she has dreamed of going to Vietnam her whole life Vietnam has a lot of sun which means beaches every day she started packing her bag and realized all she had was jumpers and track pants she decided it's time to go shopping Jessica bought short shorts and a small crop top singlets and hats she was prepared it was two days until her flight was ready to take off.

Mum came barging in with disappointing news “we're not going to Vietnam it's been canceled but I've got better news we're going to Russia and were staying in a fancy hotel called st.regis” Jessica was very upset until she did some research did not come up with good information but she found out Russia is a cold and snowy place like Auckland and she thought all those clothes all that money wasted the only good news was the hotel was fancy and when i say fancy i mean fancy flash bathroom big kitchen awesome bedrooms it was practically a house.

It's time for Jessica to repack so she does hmm should i take the green sweater or the blue sweater “I think you should take the pink one” said Jessica's mum “mum what do you mean” said Jessica “ I brought a new sweater“ Jessica did not like it but she played it cool and said “that's great but I rather take one of my own “ “it is yours know you have a pink sweater so we can throw away your dark green blue and red sweaters “ said her mum "uh no now what im not going to wear that pink sweater " Jessica thought in her mind.

Jessica went to bed the next day was pretty casual wake up watch Netflix went to bed same old routine there is never nothing to do that's because we have the internet the day has come not a big day just the day WHEN JESSICA IS FINALLY GOING TO RUSSIA but yea not a big day as Jessica steps onto the plane she can tell how cold Russia is gonna be luckily Jessica brang her soft cozy blanket she snuggles up has her computer on opens up Netflix and Jessica and Netflix go so well together hang on wait up oh great there is no WiFi Jessica thinks maybe I should take a nap instead she goes to put her seat back WHAT ! ! you can’t i'll get a sore neck oh this plane ride is going to suck.

“Ohh this flight wasn't so bad but instead of two hours it felt like two minutes oh i must of fell asleep that explains why i'm dribbling what’s the time four o clock great “can I plz have your attention the plane is going to land put on your seat belts plz” as Jessica puts her seat belt on she starts to imagine what the hotel is going to be like BANG “what happened” “we landed “ said a passenger Jessica hopped off the plane and took a taxi straight to her hotel it's the first place she'd go since there is nothing else to do Jessica's plan is to go to the hotel and spend the day on her computer.

“Honey come on we're going out for dinner “ oh great now I have to go out Jessica spent her 3 days in Russia and was glad to know it was finally over .

It's been 3 days and I'm shivering luckily we're leaving today “no we're not we're staying for another two weeks” said her mum “SO MUCH FOR THE HOLIDAYS” .

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